Trade setup for 2nd september

  1. There seems to be some problem at the Indo-China border. There might be some minor clashes between the 2 Asian giants but that may not get escalated. 
  2. Yesterday, finally the AGR verdict came and they have reduced the time to 10 years where telcos had asked for 15 years. So, airtel shot up and Vodafone fell 20% and recovered almost 10%. Now Vodafone will raise funds and increase tariffs. 
  3. The auto sales data is good and this is an indication that the economy is set to recovery. 
  4. Nasdaq is not showing any signs of slowing down. It is creating record after record. Tesla finally fell 5% when they told that they will sell 5% of its own shares.
  5. There was a huge problem in pledging and unpledging of shares. The systems are yet to be set for the new pledging norms. 
  6. Yesterday $ has fallen drastically which is good for India. 


  1. I had not used my zerodha account for a long time so I bought Vodafone shares worth 10000 before the AGR verdict. I thought something might come up for the company in the verdict but I was wrong and it fell 20% and recovered 10%.
  2. One thing is for sure that now Vodafone is not out of the game. There is nothing much to lose for the company. It will either perish or come out successful in a few years. So I have bought a lottery ticket for Rs10000. Let's see if I win a jackpot. Otherwise, I am fine to lose Rs10000.
  3. For positional trading, I have some strangles and butterfly.

  1.  The US markets are soaring. Especially the techs. S&P has gained for 8 days out of 9 days. 
  2. European markets were slightly mixed with FTSE ending in red and the other indices ending in a flat zone.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are flat. SGX suggests that we will open flatly.
  1. After a day of huge selling, FII are now back in the green. Not with a huge quantity, but they ended buying in cash for around 400cr which is not bad after a day of huge selling.
  2. DII ended selling 775cr.
  1. Crude is at $45.96
  2. $ is at Rs 72.86