Trade setup for 30th September


Yesterday was another volatile day. Nifty opened and went to 11300. Then it fell from 11300 to 11200. Again it went from 11200 to 11300 and then again it came close to 11200. All these in one day. That's how volatile markets behave. 

Yesterday in the US there was the first debate between Trump and Joe Biden. They spoke about many things like law enforcement, racism, supreme court etc. There was not much effect on the stock market as there was nothing concrete that was discussed. 

Today there is a supreme court judgement on the Ayodhya ram mandir. This will be a non event as this is regarding the punishment for rioters.

China PMI came which was better than estimated. 

Its again Reliance and TCS which came to the rescue. 

Airtel has a press conference today. So this can be in focus.


  1. I have added more to my butterfly's as I had a good range and the premiums were good.
  2. I have executed the below startegy
    1. -1 X reliance 2200ce
    2. -1 X reliance 2200pe
  3. -1 X heromotocorp 3500ce
  4. +1 X heromotocorp 3750ce
  1. The US markets closed in the red. Today the US futures are in the green.
  2. European markets closed in the red.
  3. Asian markets are mixed. 
  4. $ index is down and below 94 which is good for emerging markets. 
  1. FII are selling aggressively. Yesterday they have sold 1456cr and DII bought for 550cr.
  2. FII have sold more than 10000cr in 1 week.
  1. Crude is at $40.85
  2. $ is at Rs 73.85