Trade setup for 9th October

Nowadays trading is getting more and more difficult as operators are now manipulating the index stocks as well. For me, September and October was more difficult to trade than march, april and may. Nifty is very very volatile. We have shot up 1000 points in nifty and in last month and banknifty fell close to 4000. Yesterday 11900ce was also challenged and then 11800pe was also challenged. There was a sharp fall in the second half. I had to close some in loss. This kind of volatility was expected on a event day. Yesterday there was nothing and things moved haphazardly.

Today we have the MPC meet. So it looks like the rates are not going to be changed. I don't expect a major movement today. 

I feel that the TCS, HDFC, HDFC bank are all in overbought range. But now we have the earning season which has begun and most of the companies will deliver good results for this quarter as the expectation will be bad. The real challenge will be in the next quarter. So do not think of shorting.

VIX is again above 20. 

I had bought vedanta at 80 and sold at 110 as soon as the delisting news broke. It went to 135/140 and is now again close to 117. I don't have plans of entering again. Reason: Stay away from news-driven stocks.


  1. Yesterday I was busy in expiry trades. 
  2. I did the below trade in TCS. This is a bearish view which I am having. I am not planing to carry this to expiry. If there is a fall today or in next week then I will exit this.
    1. +1 X 2700pe
    2. -2 X 2900ce
  3. HDFC bank has moved for 10 consecutive days. So I did the below trade
    1. -1X 1200ce
    2. -1 X 1200pe
    3. +1 X 1100pe
  4. In nifty, I have done the below trade
    1. -1 X 11800 ce
    2. -1 X 11800 pe
  1. Nothing much happening in the US market. It danced all these days and now it is resting. Yesterday it did end in green but nothing interesting.
  2. Europe also closed in the red
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in the flat terrain. Hope it will remain like this for the rest of the series(heights of dreaming).
  1. Dont know what changed suddenly. Now these people are in full shopping spree. Again yesterday they have bought for 1000cr. 
  2. DII also bought for 20cr.