Trade setup for 25th November

  1.  13000 has been taken out easily. I thought there will be lot of jittery around this, but markets did not care. It just gapped up and took out 13000 yesterday. Now the next resistance is at 13200 for this expiry. 
  2. Liquidity flow is not stopping. For this month alone FII has invested 55000cr. This money is more than FII's annual average. 
  3. Everything seems to in the favour of the bulls. Now there is a transition happening at the white house from Trump to Biden. Even Dow made a record close of above 30000. 
  4. The global rally and liquidity is pushing the markets to all-time high. 
  5. Yesterday it was mostly banks, Autos, metals which were rallying. Looks like banknifty unfinished business of 30000 will be done today. 
  6. Next bank nifty will be looking for an all time high which may not happen this expiry unless something extraordinary happens. 
  7. Now that the covid cases are rising but everyone is expecting a vaccine in a short time and the rising cases are neglected. 
  8. In the US, Tesla valuation is now at $500 billion. It is a massive growth in this stock in the last 10 years.


  1. I have to do some adjustments for my trades as they will be in danger today. I had taken trades assuming that 13k would not be taken easily. But it has happened yesterday with ease. I did add more legs to my trades. I may have to manage them today and tomorrow as well.
  2. For December series, I have created  put spreads.
    1. +12000pe X 4
    2. -12500pe X 1
    3. -12400pe X 1
    4. -12300pe X 1
    5. -12200pe X 1
    6. -12100pe X 1
  3. Today I will create a call spread in banknifty for tomorrow expiry. I will share the trade in all my channels.
  1. US markets have shot up. Dow above 30k. Nasdaq also gained 1.3%
  2. European markets also closed in the green and the major indices gained more than 1%
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in the green. SGX suggests another gap up. Looks like banknifty will take out 30k today.
  1. Another 4500cr inflow from FII to the Indian market. FII inflow turns positive for 2020. This is massive news in a year which had a pandemic.