Trade setup for 27th November

 Yesterday was a very volatile expiry. Nifty broke 12800 and also 13000. The 13000 did have 1cr OI and still nifty managed to break that. There was a 100 point move in the last half an hour which was not expected. That's how expiry days play out. Luckily banknifty did not make a huge move in the last half hour. 

We are heading for a long weekend. So there might be some profit booking and yesterday's expiry move may also be factored in. 

Today we have GDP numbers for July, Aug and Sept. The expectation is that the economy has contracted by 8-9%.

Yesterday the US markets were shut and there was nothing much there. 

December month expiry will be critical to trade as the new peak margin rule will come to effect. Also, there might be a day where the vaccine might be ready and the markets may shoot up significantly. So make sure you are trading with a necessary hedge. 

As per news sources, the new peak margin rules may be squashed by SEBI. But you never know as it is just rumoured. 

Today is the last day for MSCI rebalancing. Most of the buying by FII is done. Let's see if the same intensity will continue for December which I doubt. 


  1. Now with peak margins in place, my strategies will have to be changed accordingly. So working on that.
  2. Yesterday when nifty crossed 13000, I shorted nifty December futures. I may close that today if there is a fall which I am expecting.
  3. The long term option which I had done for December few months ago is in wonderful profit, but the profit has gone down due to sudden move in nifty over the months.
  1. US markets were closed.
  2. Europe closed in red.
  3. Aisan markets are in flat zone and sgx is also suggesting a flat start.
  1. Fii is back after a day's halt. FII deployed 2000cr in cash.
  2. DII sold for 3800cr