Trade setup for 4th November

 Today is the D day. For now, it looks like Biden is going to win the elections. The markets are very volatile and will be volatile for the day. It looks like by 11AM we will have a clear winner provided there is no contested election.

Yesterday the markets rallied again. It was a repetition of the day before yesterday where the banks which rallied and reliance which was a bad performer. Again the markets rallied without the help of the Reliance.

ICICI bank, Axis bank, HDFC twins, bajaj twins were the top performers. Finally, SBI is above 200. Now its the time for ITC. There are a lot of trolls around these 2 for playing around 200.

There is no point discussing today's movement as it is subjected to volatility. 

Today we have SBI results but that may not be major event today as we have a very big event happening. 

Jack ma's ANT group IPO has been suspended by China. The Alibaba stocks fell drastically after this.


  1. My positions are small but most of my positions are in danger. I will have to do some adjustment today. I expected markets to fall but markets are just rallying.
  2. I am just waiting for the major events to get over today so that the volatility falls.
  1. The entire global markets are in the US election mojo. 
  2. The US markets closed in the green yesterday. Today the US futures are in the red. It is very volatile. Any minor good news and it will turn to red.
  3. European markets were in the green. They gained more than 1.5%
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are mixed as japan is in green but the Chinese markets are in red mostly due to the suspension of Ant IPO. 
  5. SGX is red. We may just follow how the US futures trade. 
  1. Crude has shot up and is now above $40
  2. $ is trading at Rs74.4
  1. Yesterday the FII bought for 2300cr and DII sold for 1100cr
  2. In just 2 days FII have pumped 3000cr after spending heavily.