Trade setup for 11th December

 Yesterday was another volatile expiry. Was able to make a wonderful profit. Yesterday, markets closed in red after rallying for 7 days consecutively. All the markets are in extremely bullish. Looks like the FII's have discovered gold in all the emerging markets. There is some drag on the stimulus talks so the US markets closed in the red.

Dow has closed below 30000. Let's see if 30000 will be resistance or with that be broken.

Crude is now playing the spoilsport. It has shot up and is now $50. This is not good for emerging markets.

ECB has increased the stimulus by 500 billion euro and extended by 9 months.

I had applied for burger king and I have got 1 lot. Hope it opens in green on the listing.

The farmer protest is still not resolved. All the meet with the govt is ending without a conclusion. Hope this is resolved soon.

The real estate sector is recovering and the unsold inventory numbers are coming down. This is a good sign of economic recovery and this sector is one of the largest employment giving sector as well.

Airbnb is now a $100 billion company. 

I had shorted nifty futures which I had carried from few days. It was in loss till yesterday. Yesterday on opening I sold huge quantities in futures to average the price and then closed in pretty good profit. 

I feel that the stimulus in the US may be the trigger for the reversal. It's obvious, markets have recovered and is at an all-time high and most of the sectors are performing well. Why should the govt give stimulus to the well-performing economy? But there will be a political pressure to give some stimulus. So the stimulus may not be as huge as the markets are expecting. Glucose is given for a patient. Why should one give glucose to a healthy person?

I am waiting for a healthy correction to enter for fresh long trades. Its been 2 weeks in this expiry. So, next 2 weeks may be sideways as the vacation season will begin. 

I will be executing iron-fly for the monthly expiry. I will be executing call spread for this week expiry.