Trade setup for 15th December

 Yesterday it was another green day and it was just the repetition of the other days. Nifty shot up in the morning and then there was an intraday fall. Then the markets recovered to close near the day's high. Reliance is beating around 2000. Now almost all sector rallies are done for the time being. As expected the next 2-3 weeks will be consolidation as it is a vacation season. Now vaccine stimulus is taking the global market higher. 

Yesterday, burger king gets listed and it shot 125% on opening. I had applied and I had got. At the opening I sold half and now the other half is a free stock which I have. I will just let it be in my Demat and I will forget it.

Today Mrs bector IPO is there. So I will be applying for that as well. Hope the same thing like burger king repeats. 

There was inflation data which came yesterday and it was better than expected. So even that added to the sentiment in the second half. 

The FII buying has slightly reduced from their average of 3k cr every day. Let's see how they behave for this week.

Kotak bank is again near to its all-time high. I believe that it will go to 2000 which is a round number and then there might be a small correction. I will execute call ratio spread if that happens in this month.

Crude is shooting up and this is not good for India. So the stock market may not continue is aggressive upside run. At the same time, I consider 13k as strong support as well. 


  1. US markets closed in mixed as nasdaq was in green but dow was in red.
  2. Europe closed in red.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in red. SGX suggests a gap down of 50 points.

  1. I have executed the below strategy for the month of January
    1. -1 X 13500ce
    2. -1 X 13500pe
    3. +1 X 14200ce
    4. +1 X 12800pe
  2. For this week I have sold 13800ce aggressively
  3. Yesterday I sold 2 lots of nifty futures. I am planning to carry this to expiry.
  1. FII bought for 2200ce and DII sold for 1700cr
  2. FII buying has reduced yesterday. Don't get carried away by this. Wait for this week to get some confirmation.
  1. Crude is at $50. This is bad for the Indian economy. 
  2. $ is at Rs 73.5