Trade setup for 16th December

 Yesterday was another day of the same story. Markets fell in the first half and then the fall was absorber aggressively and markets closed at the day's high. This has been the story for a very long time now. Trading intraday has become very easy. Just wait for the dip and then go on long when there is a recovery. 

Yesterday the bajaj twins started to rally. Baj finance was at 52 week high. The market is moving without much contribution from the heavyweights like reliance. Reliance is still around 2000. The next move might be contributed by Reliance. 

As usual, FII is pumping without any pause. 

US regulators found that the Moderna vaccine had 95%. The stock fell 5% yesterday.

Now the world is planning for the logistics of the vaccine so that the 8 billion people can be given a dose. Now the virus fears are over and looks like the economy will be on track. 

The Google servers had some problem and they were down. This news has become very viral on the internet.  

The US officials are finalising a covid stimulus. The markets are rallying on the hope of a large stimulus.  There can be a sharp fall if the stimulus is not as per market expectation. At the same time, the rally can be sharp as well if there is a good stimulus.

We have a FED event today and all are looking for this. It is expected to be dowish.

The parliamentary panel is looking for a GST cut on autos. So the autos are rallying.


  1. Yesterday I did a trade-in bajaj finance as it rallied a lot. 
    1. +2 X 5200ce
    2. -1 X 5100ce
    3. -2 X 5400ce
    4. -2 X 4700pe
    5. +2 X 5900ce
    6. +2 X 4200pe
  2. In nifty, I shorted 1 lot of futures. So today looks like I will be in danger and need to do some adjustment for that.
  3. I had got Burger king and I sold half on first day. Yesterday the stock is up by 20%. Now I am repenting selling the other half. Lets see how long this freeze will continue. Anyway, this is a free share for me now. So I will not monitor it very closely.
  1. The dow shot 300 points and is again back to 30k. The Nasdaq also gained more than a percent. 
  2. European markets also closed in the green. FTSE closed in mild red.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in green. SGX suggests a gap of 50 points.
  1. The same saga continues. FII bought for 2000+cr and DII sold for 2000+ cr.
  1. Crude is at $50.6
  2. $ is at Rs 73.64