Trade setup for 18th December

 We have another 10 days for the massive year to close. Can we break 14000 for this year?? This is a million $ question. Everything depends on FII. If they continue to pump like this for another week then we can easily break. We need to see if the pumping continues at the same rate.

Now nifty has shot up for 4 consecutive days. Not only us, but even Nasdaq has also managed to be in the green for the last 4 days.

The US FDA has given emergency approval for the modern vaccine. So this is the 2nd vaccine which can be used.

Our midcap index is slightly weak now. Yesterday there was some slight weakness in this. So there might be some year-end profit booking. 

Burger king which was in +ve circuit has closed in the -ve circuit. Now we don't know how long this will continue. This is the problem with this kind of stocks.

Now suddenly the food space is gaining traction and eyeballs. Jubilant food announced that they are coming with a biryani outlet and that stock shot up. Now KFC, pizza hut operators are planning for an IPO. Everyone wants to juice out before it fades out.

HDFC twins, Bajaj twins are on fire. Yesterday even Reliance joined the party

$ index is now below 90 which means that there will be good inflow to the emerging markets like India.

There can be a stimulus decision over the weekend. So the markets are eagerly waiting for this. Some of the European countries are going for partial lockdown as covid cases seem to rise. Now this news will not be effected in the market.

Markets may consolidate at least now. I am expecting consolidation for 2 months now and markets seem to rally like there is no tomorrow. :)


  1. I have created a spread in the nifty in the December series
    1. sold 13500pe
    2. bought 13200pe
  2. I did a bajaj finance trade and for now it is going well. 
  3. I have done ironfly in Reliance for Jan series at 2000
  1. The US markets are in the green. There is some hope of a stimulus this year itself. Retail sales data was down. Jobless data increased. Markets are rallying even when bad news come. 
  2. European market also closed in the flat to green territory. 
  3. Today Asian markets are in mild red. SGX suggests a flat start.
  1. Crude is now at $51.36
  2. $ is at 
  1. As usually, FII bought for 2300cr and DII sold for 2500cr
  2. FII are not stopping.