Trade setup for 30th December

 Sorry, I was not able to write the blog for the last 2 days as I was busy with other priority works. Coming to markets, the rally continues and it looks like 140000 is on the cards before this year ends. It looks like we may capture that today only if some sectors support.  I feel that there might be some pullback after 14k is reached. I will think of shorting in next month derivatives after it touches 14k.

Banknifty has not even touched the previous high. It's still almost 1000 points away from the current price. So banknifty may not goto that level this year. 

Every day, nifty is making a record opening and record close for the last 5 sessions. Its been a massive rally in 2020 from 8000 to 14000 which was not expected in a pandemic environment.

Govt and Farmer unions are having another round of talks today. This is going on for a long time. Hope it ends today and both come on common ground and settle things.

Now the 2nd virus is getting some traction. But markets may not care for these things now unless it grows at a real alarming rate. Now UK flights will be delayed more.  The virus variant is found in the US as well now.


  1. This week I am low on volumes as this is the last week of the decade, month, year. So I did not want to end on a sad note and I thought it would be volatile. But it looks like not much volatility at least till now. Maybe there will be some tomorrow as it is the final expiry.
  2. My stock option trade like ITC covered call, Bajaj finance trade are all in good profit. May be I may close them today.
  3. Most of the nifty trades taken are also in profit.
  4. When nifty touched 14000, I will execute the below startegy
    1. +1 14000ce
    2. -2 14100ce
    3. +1 14200ce
  1. The US markets closed in the mild red. This may probably due to the profit booking and new covid varient.
  2. European markets closed mixed where FTSE and CAC closed in green and DAX closed in red.
  3. Today morning the asian markets are in the flat zone. SGX suggests a 50 point gap.
  1. FII have bought for 2300cr and DII have sold for 2000cr
  2. All the expectation of FII going on a vacation in the last week is not happening. Their volumes doest seem to slow down. Enjoy till the party lasts.