Trade setup for 4th December

 Markets are consolidating which is good for a long term bull run. Markets going continuously is not a good sign. I will be happy and will get more conviction if markets consolidate for some more time. The FII money is not stopping. After a day's gap, they have again started to pump. I feel that this pumping will stop in some time as they have their Christmas vacation coming soon and they don't want to go to vacation with huge money in the market. So I am expecting markets to consolidate for this month probably. Usually, December is a flattish month. But we have the vaccine which can be rolled out at any point. Also, we have the most awaited US stimulus. If there is any of these are out then FII might be active and high all over again.

 Yesterday was a good expiry trade. Markets were flat and I got some conviction to take some neutral strategies which did work. I was able to make a profit of around 3lak 30 thousand.

Today we have the RBI policy. Thank god that did not happen yesterday. The expectation is RBI will not change the rate and their view is dowish and not hawkish. 

The govt has agreed to amend the farm bill slightly. I hope the issue is resolved as soon as possible as the unrest may expand to other states as well if not resolved soon.

$ index is now at 91 which is good for gold investors and emerging market. 

There is some problem in HDFC bank and yono app of SBI. They have some technical glitches and RBI has asked HDFC to stop it new credit card issuance. 

Oil prices rise as opec decides to gradually increase production. 


  1. I am executing the below strategy for the December monthly expiry
    1. -1 X 13200ce
    2. -1 X 13200pe
    3. -1 X 13400ce
    4. -1X 13400pe
    5. -1 X 13000ce
    6. -1 X 13000pe
    7. +3 X 12900pe
    8. +3 X 13500ce
  1. US markets are flat.
  2. Europe was  also flat.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets ae also flat. 
  4. Nothing much happening at global. SGX suggests a 40 point uptick.
  1. They have pumped 3600cr and DII have sold for 1400cr