Trade setup for 13th jan

  1. Bharti airtel gets nod for 100% FDI. Now more FII funds may flow. So telecom companies will all rally in this mojo. I have bought vodafone at 10 few months back. Now I am already siting in a profit of 25%. I even did a youtube video to tell that vodafone is a good bet.
  2. Today we have infy and wipro results. Already infy has shot too much in this month. Wil the results push it further?? I don't think so. Lets see. There might be positive, but there may not be a runaway rally. Anyway, I am not trading in this as I am held with other trades. My opinions are usually right when I do not trade :)
  3. Inflation data came which was in line with expectation.
  4. Crude is shooting up and is $57. This is bad. You can see that in asian paints which fell 4%
  5. $index is again back below 90. 
  6.  There is a lot of protest in US to impeach Trump. So there is a drama going on there. 
  7. Tata mot shot up 20% in 2 days as there were rumours that it has collaborated with Tesla. Now that rumour is squashed. Lets see how it behaves today.
  8. Tesla will be coming to India and that too to Bangalore to setup R&D. 
  1. I had sold nifty futres and it is now in deep trouble. I am now firefighting. 
    1. MORAL: Dont go against the trend. I don't seem to learn after so much mistake as well. The trade is still in control. LEts see if I can come out in profit
  2. MY TCS earning trade which I had shared is in good profit. 
  3. I am also firefighting with my butterfly trades for this week. It has become a one sided rally in nifty. Some or the other sector is contributing and taking it higher. Lets see if last 2 days come with profit booking.
  1. FII bought for only 500+cr and DII sold for 1300cr. I wonder who bought yesterday for nifty to surge so much?
  2. So FII have reduced or taking a break ??