Trade setup for 14th Jan

  1. Happy pongal to all. I wish you all get prosperity this year. 
  2. Trump has been impeached and now there is a turmoil in Washington for the Capitol riots. But there is no major knee jerk reaction in the US markets. 
  3. Coming to our markets, yesterday markets were flat and market closed just 1 point higher, but there was huge volatility. Nifty shot up 100 points and then fell 150 points from there and then closed flat.
  4. Banknifty made ATH and then retraced a little. So now all indices have touched that ATH milestone. Lets see if there will be correction from here. 
  5. Today is weekly expiry and markets might be sideways but there will be volatility as vix is 23 now. 
  6. A TV analyst in cnbc awaaz has been barred from capital markets by Sebi as he was found guilty of manipulating retailers to buy and sell junk so that he made a profit. This is a known issue and I had also done a video on how these people scam people in my youtube. Be aware and stay away from these people.
  7. Yesterday the IT majors Infy and wipro came out with results. The results are fantastic but there was no major movement in the ADR. The stock had already moved a lot in this month. So it might be sideways today also. There will be a huge IV crush today. I would have traded this if today was not weekly expiry but I will be busy in expiry so will not be able to trade.
  8. Crude oil fell to $55 from $57. 
  1. My nifty shorts are still in loss. Now I am firefighting in options. 
  2. TCS earning trade is in wonderful profit. I may carry that to expiry.
  3. If I get any trade in the Infosys in the second half, I will post it in the channels. So do wait for that.
  1. FII are back to 1879cr anf DII sold for 2370cr
  2. The DII are selling aggressively.