Trade setup for 15th Jan


Yesterday was a wonderful day as I was able to make a wonderful profit of almost 3lak. The same mantra is repeating. There will be a dip in the market and that will be bought in the second half and markets will close at the day's high. Dont wait for this trend to turn. Do it till the trade lasts. 

Surprisingly, TCS became the focus yesterday and not infy and wipro which came out with results. Yesterday it was IT which took the market higher. Banks did not participate and Reliance started a move, but it is still hovering around 2k for a long time. The consolidation phase has been long. It was expected as it had made a very huge move sometime back.

Now the markets seem to be overstretched. I am carrying some shorts which I have averaged and hoping that the market will fall someday. Every day it falls, I get happy and then it recovers. Luckily I have hedged that in the options market. Will the markets fall today?? Lets see.

Biden has come out with a $1.9 TN package which was as expected. There is no much noice in the stock market as most of it was priced in. 

US has blacklisted xiomi and now the trade war might get escalated due to this and this might trigger a fall. I am slightly short on the market so I am seeing every news in that point of view. ha ha ha. If I was long then I would have told that markets will climb all the wall of worries. 

Already I had so much confusion in life. Now people have started using telegram, signal, whatsapp. Now this is adding more confusion to my life. Whatsapp userbase has drastically shifted to signal after elon musk endorsed it. 

Today HCL tech and PVR are major result companies today. If TCS shoots today then I will be doing a trade. Will share that trade in my social media, if I do. 

There is no stopping for FII. Again 1000cr pumped yesterday. I feel that they are now printing money and pumping. I wonder where are they bringing so much money. Strange behaviour.

The next big even will be the budget. There is a lot of hopes. Let's see what gets delivered.

Markets may not shoot much from here. Usually, the last 2 weeks will be consolidation if there is a huge move in the first 2 weeks. Neutral strategies are the best strategies for this and next week. 


  1. Today will be the butterfly day. I will be executing that in the first half probably.
  2. If TCS crosses 2300 due to HCL results then I have a trade in mind. Will be executing that. TCS seems to be a begani shadi me abdulla deevana
  3. I am going on a vacation for next week, so no major trades this week. Will keep my volumes low.
  4. In monthly expiry, I will execute ironfly
  1. FII again pumped 1000cr and DII were silent yesterday as they sold for just 200cr.
CRUDE and $
  1. Crude is now at $55. 
  2. $ is at Rs 73