Trade setup for 20th Jan

 Yesterday was a one sided day. It was a clear trending day. Nifty did not even show signs of cooling. The buying was back like before. The nifty has again conquered 14500. 

The NBFC, metals, banks all contributed to the rally. Today we have the baj twins coming out with its earnings. I don't have any trades in these counters as I am held with other trades. Also, these 2 are very high beta. So, I suggest skipping trades in these if you are new to trading. 

Now markets have again turned to be a bullish market. I did tell before that as long as FII are buying, markets cannot fall. So don't short just by seeing 2 days of red candle.

All the IPO's are fully subscribed as we are in a strong bull market. I thought I will not apply for any IPO now. But yesterday I applied for IRFC and today I will apply for indigo paints as well. Just 2 applications from my and my brother's account. Let's see if I get allotment. :)

My Intraday algo trades are going fine. Even yesterday, I was able to make a wonderful profit. I am already sitting with more than 150% profit in these trades. I am finding ways to scale this. Still it is in the R&D state. 

Trump has finally accepted his defeat and given the throne. Yellen has told that the stimulus will be a big fat one. She also hinted that the corporate tax hike may not be an option immediately.

Today you have the Biden speech. This may not be a huge event as it will be generic and not anything specific to economy in particular. But the US markets may cheer and there might be some volatility. I don't if that will be carried to other markets.

Looks like it is a time of crypto's. There is a huge demand and all the cryptos are at highs. Is this the beginning of the new currency of the future?? 


  1. Most of my option trades are in a good position for now.
  2. I had some shorts in nifty future taken some time back. I closed 50% in profit day before yesterday. I am now sitting with a minor loss in the entire trade. Let's see, I will have to do some adjustment in the options market today.
  1. FII bought for 250cr and DII sold for 200cr.
  2. FII volumes are falling. I had warned before, don't think of shorting ass long as these people are buying. Markets cannot collapse with FII figures in positive.
  1. US markets opened after a holiday and there was no much fire there. It closed in positive.
  2. European markets closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX suggests a 50 point gapdown. I think this gap will be bought immediately.
  1. Crude is at $56
  2. $ is at 73
  3. $ index is again at 90+