Trade setup for 10th Feb

 Yesterday markets kissed 15250 and then fell 200 points. This was a massive fall in the second half. In the morning, it was IT, banks and Reliance which led the rally. But in the second half, there was huge selling in the same counters.

Nifty closed in the flat territory. It closed in red after 7 days of consecutive green run

Now there is no major known event in the near future. Nifty has run a lot in a short span of time. Maybe it may consolidate. This is a wonderful time for the iron fly strategy.

Crude oil is rising. In Mumbai, petrol prices are close to 94. I am sure it will hit 100 very soon as the global demand is increasing.

On the closing basis, if nifty breaks 14600 then we can expect the markets to fall moe as that is the Fibonacci retracement level. Otherwise, we can expect the markets to consolidate around 14800 to 15200 level for some time.

Nasdaq has closed above 14k for the first time. Nasdaq is in the winning streak for 5 days now.

Nifty is expected to to close in the green today and if yesterday's high is taken out then we may head higher. So keep an eye on yesterday's high and low.


  1. Most of my weekly option trades are in good shape for today. Today I will be doing a mini expiry trade as I don't have many positions to manage. 
  2. Today I will execute short strangles with the little extra margin which I have as the premiums are good.
  3. I am working on an algo trade in futures which will give around a 50% return per annum. Let's see how it comes along.
  1. All are positive. But there is no major news for this positivity to continue. Let's see how the markets will behave in the coming days.
  2. SGX is suggesting a positive opening.
  1. FII bought for 1300cr and DII sold for 1700cr.
  2. Now FII is back again with a buying mojo.