Trade setup for 15th Feb

Friday was a very volatile session. The markets were cool till 1pm. Then there was a sudden fall of 150 points and there was a sharp recovery of close to 100 points. 

Now we are in a clear consolidation phase. I am pretty sure that this consolidation phase will be there for the long term. The longer the consolidation phase, the longer will be the bull run. 

UK has vaccinated more than 15million people and from next week there might be a relaxation of restrictions there.

The new commodity in the town is the bitcoin. It is now almost at $50000. I think we Indians are not allowed to trade in this as it is banned here. I am sure that there will be a global currency and we Indians should lead first in the development and usage of it. I am not sure if bitcoin will survive or die but a global currency will definitely emerge soon. Not sure why we are not allowed to trade in this. 

The petrol prices are soaring and this is bad as inflation will follow it soon. It's just a few rs away from 100rs mark in Mumbai and is at 99 in Rajasthan.

Donald Trump has been acquitted after 2nd impeachment trial.

The GDP data for Japan is good. So today the nikkei has hit a high. Other Asian markets are on a holiday. 

I have developed an algorithm. There is a potential of making around 2-3% a day. I am refining it and doing full-fledged testing. I am planning to implement that in the market by this month-end. 


  1. I have executed the short straddle at 15000 for the month of December as we are in a consolidation phase. I will be hedging it in the monthly options to reduce the margin.
  2. I have executed a lot of strangles for the week.
  3. Today I will be deploying funds into a butterfly. 
  1. FII and DII are now silent. On Friday, fill sold for 37cr and dii sold for 600 cr
  1. Crude is shooting up. It is now at $63
  2. $ is now at Rs 74