Trade setup for 3rd Feb

 Yesterday was another big day for the markets. The bears which had taken positions in the last week has been completely kicked out. Now the markets are in the complete control of the bull. Yesterday it was again the banking show. Nirmala candle 2.0 has given a lot of confidence to the investors. FII's are back. They were resting for some time and yesterday they came out with a  bang.

In the US, the GameStop is now falling and it is down more than 60%. The GameStop and the Reddit saga is over and it was expected that the retail frenzy cannot go on for a long time. The Dow shot close to 500 points in yesterday's trade.

Rakesh jhunjhunwala has told that the mother of all bull markets in India is in front of us. I also totally believe that. That's why I tell keep investing in the stock market. Convert a per cent of your trade income to investments and just forget it for decades. It is not for you. It will be for the next generation.

Jeff Bezos has stepped down from the Amazon CEO post. It will be interesting to see who will fill his shoes.

Apple is now planning to invest into Kia motors. So in Korea and Japan, the Kia stocks shot up.

Today we might make an all-time high and it looks like we will even break 15000 marks.

The best part was, reliance was in red and in the end it got its mojo and closed in green.

Tata motors has now crossed 300. It has had a splendid move. I am repenting selling this stock with a very small profit. A big lesson learnt in a hard way.

Today you have bharti results.


  1. Yesterday after the massive budget day, I invested a good amount in building my portfolio. I have bought MRF, appolo tyres, canara bank, bank of baroda. I added more to my vodafone Idea holding. 
  2. I am planning to carry these for long time. I will not be worrying much of the stock prices in these. I have invested small amounts in each, so I need not worry about the stock prices. 
  3. My IRFC is almost at the issue price. Its still down though. I thought it would list with -30 or -40%. So compared to that, it is at a good price. If I get some profit, I will dilute some.
  4. I did not get anything in Indigo paints which listed 100%. 
  1. Everything is in green. The US markets closed in green.
  2. Europe also closed in the green.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are slightly in red. SGX suggests a positive start. We may consolidate for sometime as there has been a massive rlly in the last 2 days.
  1. FII pumped 6000cr and DII sold for 2000cr
  2. Looks like the FII are back again with massive buying.