Trade setup for 12th March

 Looks the bulls are back. Nasdaq bounced and now is going higher. Yesterday, the Dow and the S&P made a record close. Now it's our turn to make a new record. Markets were very volatile on Wednesday, but it was clearly a consolidated market. 

The US markets are happy about the stimulus and now the inflation has started to worry them. The US fed has instruments to curtail inflation.

Elon musk is again the richest person after Tesla shot up 20%. Bitcoin is also at a record high.

Warren buffet worth also went above $100 billion for the first time.

Crude is now at $69. If it crosses 70 then we can see 100+ for petrol here.

$ is now at Rs 72.64.

The bond yield is at 1.5. $ index is at 91.4. 

On Wednesday the FII sold for only 15cr and DII bought for 400cr.

Today Modi, Japan PM, Joe Biden and Australian PM will meet to discuss China, Climate change and other things.

The asina markets are in the green after the US rallied. 

SGX is suggesting a 200 point gap up. 

Now the previous high of 15430 will be the resistance. If that is broken then 16000 will be the next level. I personally did not expect this. I thought markets would fall but as always markets surprise us.

Markets are sideways, but the range has been slightly high. I am still not confident in the trend. This week I will trade in neutral strategies. I am executing the below strategy today in the weekly expiry.

  1. +1 X 15200ce
  2. -1 X 15300ce
  3. -1 X 15400ce
  4. -1 X 15500ce
  5. +2 X 15600ce
  6. +1 X 15200pe
  7. -1 X 15100pe
  8. -1 X 15000pe
  9. -1 X 14900pe
  10. +2 X 14800pe    
For intraday, I will short the markets in futures at open today.