Trade setup for 18th March

 Nifty fell for the entire week from Friday to Wednesday because of various reasons like bond yield rise, covid case rise. Yesterday, Modi came on live and told that covid cases are rising and markets tumbled.

Yesterday the FED met and no rate hikes from now till 2023.  It is quite dovish and bond yields also fell slightly. Dow shot 200 points and Nasdaq gained 50 points. It was expected that the FED would give some relief to the stock market as always. 

Today morning the Asian markets are in the green. SGX suggests a gap up of more than 150 points. Today is the weekly expiry and it would be interesting to see how we open and take it. We need to see if the 1st-hour high is protected and if the rally continues.

Brent crude is below $68. So this is a piece of good news for emerging countries like India.

The IPO seems to be a very retail frenzy as Nazara tech is already oversubscribed. 

Vodafone has finally added subscriber after losing customers for a very long time. I had suggested this stock a few months back at 10. It went to 13 within some time. I was very happy thinking that I was a genius, but now again it is at 10. On paper, I made a profit of 30%. 

ITC is again near 200. HDFC below 1500. Reliance again close to 2000. 


  1. Today there will be expiry play and markets may be volatile. I will go with aggressive long positions if the first hour high is taken out. I may even take long positions in the futures.
  2. The weekly positions which I had are all in profit. Today the gapup will give me pretty good profit.
  3. I will be busy with the expiry. By any chance, if 15000 is taken out today then I will turn bullish and I will sell ATM options for the monthly expiry. 15000 is a very strong resistance. If that is taken out again then I don't think markets will come down. I seriously doubt if we take out 15000 this month. 
  1. FED has given a boost to the markets. Now we need to see if this will be sold into or will the rally continue.
  2. Dow is at all-time high
  3. Now everything is looking good. It's a very volatile market. Sometimes, it looks like it is the end of the world. Suddenly, it looks like we are reborn again.
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are all in green. SGX suggests a 150+ point gap.
  1. Crude below $68 is very good news. 
  2. $ is at Rs 72.3
  1. This is really surprising. I did not expect FII to be buyers.
  2. Yesterday, they bought for 2600and DII sold for 500cr. This data has made me bullish. 

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