Trade setup for 26th March

 In my inner circle call, I told that nifty may come to 14000 if this fall continues maybe by April. Looks like nifty is very eager to make my wish true in March only.

Yesterday was one of the worst and most volatile expiries I have ever seen. Markets were very very volatile. I am happy that I was able to make a profit. In my Zerodha account, I closed the trades in the morning as I had a bigger account s to monitor and monitoring this account was not possible. So the moral is, I should not carry trades to expiry in the Zerodha account. 

March expiry is like this as is the financial year ending and many will be doing a lot of transactions.

After 2:30 pm, markets went up 100points and after 3:00pm markets fell 150 points. So you can imagine how the markets trapped both longs and shorts.

Today it looks like we will have a pullback and 14500 should be taken out very soon.

Yesterday's fall was due to year-end book adjustment or covid fears?? I don't think covid fears is so much. At the sacrosanct level, it looks like yesterday's fall was due to the year-end factor.

The global markets are positive. So we should also have a good pullback today.

There is some problem at the Suez Canal and all the ships that pass there are halted. So that is some biz impact that may not have any impact on the stock market.

But, overall the markets are negative in the near term. I will be using every rise to short the markets till things change. Today is a very good opportunity.

Very soon we will be beginning the earnings season. Let's see how that goes. Will the earnings lead the market down or will we break 15000 again??


  1. I closed my April call ratio spreads as it was in wonderful profit. Now I will deploy that in other strategies where there is more profit potential.
  2. I will be executing a covered call for my underlying portfolio. 
  3. I will be executing some intraday today in my Zerodha account. Let's see if that works. I will be sharing that on my telegram channel.
  1. There is some disturbance between China and the west. China has slapped sanctions on the UK. China has blocked some major companies like Nike, H&M, Adidas to do biz in China. 
  2. Biden administration is following the footsteps of Trump and is going on in China. 
  3. It will be interesting to see if this trade war escalates. 
  4. Yesterday the US and Europe closed in the green.
  5. Today Asia is in the green. SGX is suggesting a pullback.
  1. I have been telling that FII are curret=ntly sitting with too much stock and it was just a matter of time when they will unload and they have started doing it. 
  2. Yesterday they sold for 3400cr and DII bought for 2200cr