Trade setup for 20th April

 I think now every Monday will be a black Monday. This is the 3rd consecutive time where we are having a huge gap. Yesterday the markets fell 400+ points and then recovered almost 200 points from the low.

Vix shot up and is again back to above 20 levels. Tomorrow is a holiday so there will be lot of covering today as people will not be comfortable carrying positions to a holiday during these volatile days. 

Reliance is now at 1900, hdfcbank at 1400, bajajfinance at 4500. These are some attractive prices, but I would wait for the markets to fall further. As I told you before, I will start investing only when it is below 14000.

Now everyone above 18 can get the vaccination from May 1st in India. This is good news for fighting the virus. Markets may like this but it was expected. According to me, this is not mind-blowing news. It would have happened and was expected to be done soon. Markets may cheer it for some time but this is not game-changing news for the market. 


  1. My call spread in my Zerodha is in good profit. I forgot to close that yesterday. I will do that today. and take some fresh trade. I am already sitting in a profit of around 5% which is good for a week.
  2. The sudden fall yesterday forced me to do a lot of adjustments. Then markets recovered and all the adjusted positions are in danger now. I am coming out with strategies for those adjustment trades.
  3. No new fresh strategy has been initiated as I will be busy in adding legs to the existing trades.
  4. A fresh trade will be taken only in my Zerodha account.
  1. The US markets fell after making record highs for many days. Dow lost around 200 points and regained some in the second half. The Nasdaq lost around a percent.
  2. European markets were mixed. CAC was in green but FTSE and DAX was in red.
  3. Today the asian markets are in mixed. Nikkei lost around 2%
  4. SGX is showing a gap up of 60. 
  1. FII are selling and they sold for 1600cr and DII bought for 2300cr
  2. Lets see how long can DII support the markets.
  1. Crude is at $67.5
  2. $ is at around Rs 74.76
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