Trade setup for 5th April

 Now suddenly, the markets have become bullish. Markets are almost near the 15k mark. Will we break that?? I don't think so. 15000 is very strong resistance and if this is taken out then we may head higher. Similarly, 14500 is the support. 14k is a possibility if this is broken which is what I am expecting. Let's see.

The US jobs report was good and you can see that the dow futures are up by 200 points.

Radhakishan Damani bought a house in Mumbai for 1000cr. So this was the talk of the town. He is a role model for me. I hope to meet him sometime if possible. He is a person who silently grows without much news.

A trainer from Bangalore has gone to a new low level by making a video on a fellow trader and trainer. I knew that he was cheap. But with the video, he has broken all lows. Just watch it for entertainment which is a real stress buster. 

Covid cases as rising at an alarming rate. But now the fear is not there among the people. There are elections in WB, TN, and many political rallies being done with no distancing and other measures. This happens only in India. In India, all are equal but some are more equal.


  1. Now I am bearish. I will be doing the below strategy
    1. +1 X 14500pe
    2. -1 X 14400pe
    3. -1 X 14300pe
    4. -1 X 14200pe
    5. +2 X 14100pe
  2. I will post the trade in my Zerodha account which I take in the telegram channel.
  1. Dow futures are up due to the jobs data. 
  2. Asian markets are flat to negative. Japan is in green as there was a holiday on Friday for them.
  3. Today many Asin markets are closed like taiwan, china etc
  4. We will be opening after a long weekend. SGX shows a flat opening. Currently, it is down by 80 points but it was in the green on Friday when we didn't trade.
  5. So don't take any trade till there is a breakout. Wait for the market to settle.
  1. Crude is down. Opec+ has decided to cut the output. Crude is now at $64
  2. $ is Rs 73
  1. FII bought for 150cr and DII sold for 250cr.
  2. This value is negligible for the way the institutions are trading. Nowadays they are trading in 4 digit figures only.