Trade setup for 11th June

 Yesterday was a very silent expiry with no major movements. I expected this as there was huge volatility on Wednesday. I was able to make a profit of around 1.9 lakh yesterday including positional and intraday.

Now we are in a bull market and even bad news is good news and the good news is very good news. Yesterday the US inflation data came and it was at 5%, the crude prices are rising, but the S&P hit another record high.

The US inflation numbers are the highest in the last 13 years and now it will be interesting to see what the fed will do.

Now there are a lot of countries that are not willing to accept the G7 new tax system and India might be one among them.

El Salvador has officially started considering bitcoin as their currency. Not sure if these risky moves give them an edge or will be destroyed.

Now many states are working towards unlocking as vaccination is rising and cases are gradually coming down. Many consumers depend on industries that are laying off employees as their biz is affected due to lockdown. 

Other than banks, everything else is rallying. Reliance, bajaj finance were some of the top gainers. The NBFC's are rallying like no tomorrow. 

Now 15800-16000 is acting to be strong resistance as markets have rallied. In some days, if nifty falls and comes below 15500, only then we should think of shorting. This is a consolidation phase and usually, consolidation phases will be longer if there is a sharp rally. The longer the consolidation phase, the stronger will be the next up rally. Iron fly is the best strategy during the consolidation phase. 

Russia will be providing satellite and military intelligence to Iran and this has angered US. 


  1. I will be executing the below strategy in huge volume for this week
    1. -1 X15700ce
    2. -1 X 15700pe
    3. +1 X 15000pe
    4. -1 X 16200ce
  2.  I will also be deploying the below strategy
    1. +2 X 15700pe
    2. -1 X 15800pe
  3. I will be executing the below strategy in bajaj finance today if it is in green.
    1. +1 X 6700ce
    2. -4 X 7000ce
  1. The US markets closed in the green. The techs were the major gainers. Nasdaq gained more than 100 points.
  2. Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today morning the asian markets are in mild red. SGX is suggesting a flat opening. 
  1. FII have again bought for 1300cr and DII sold for 500+cr.
  1. Crude is now around $72 and is gradually inching higher.