Trade setup for 23rd June

 Who is buying it?? Retailers?? FII are selling, DII is not buying heavily but markets are in no mood to stop. 

Yesterday, the markets shot up in the morning and it closed at the low point of the day. 

In the US, the FED chairman Powell in his testimony said that inflation is not that severe and can be managed.  This gave a boost to the US markets and Nasdaq made another all-time high. Even the dow closed in the green.

Now the Autos are in the fire. It's good that the sector rotation is happening and the index is not falling. Now many auto companies are increasing the vehicle prices as their production cost has increased. Maruti and Hero moto lead the pack.

Crude oil prices are increasing, and now you can see some pressure in the oil-dependent sectors like tyres and paints.  

Covid cases are falling but they say that the Delta variant is slightly dangerous. Let's see if this delta has the power to take the markets down!!

The talk of the town was the cryptos. Bitcoin again fell and was trading below $30000. Now many traders are bearish on the cryptos. Dogecoin which is Elon musk's favourite fell more than 25%. But later they recovered some. I had invested 50k in various cryptos and now its value is 30k. A solid loss of 40%. It is a risky product, so do not have much exposure to this. 

Jet Airways will now fly. NCLAT approved its plan to come back. Yesterday it was in the upper circuit.


  1. Yesterday's closing at a low point made me take some short positions. I have executed the below trades. I will add more to these trades if markets go in red today
    1. +1 X 15900ce
    2. -1 X 16000ce
    3. -1 X 16050ce
    4. -1 X 16100ce
    5. +1 X 15700pe
  2. Asian paints seem to be overbought in this. Rising crude can keep that in pressure so I did this trade in next month series
    1. +2 X 3000pe
    2. -1 X 3100pe
    3. -2 X 2800pe
    4. -2 X 3300ce
  1. The all time high saga continues in the US and the Europe.
  2. Nasdaq and S&P made another all time high. Dow closed in the green
  3. Europe closed in the green. CAC made all time high.
  4. Today morning the Asian markets are flat to positive. SGX is suggesting a +ve start. Lets see if we can close in the green today or will we be making 16k in this expiry.
  1. Crude is at $75+
  2. $ is at Rs 74
  1. FII sold for 1000cr and DII bought for 300cr