Trade setup for 28th June

The US is sending a manned mission to Mars in 2030. Jeff Bezos is planing for a visit to the red planet. Now going to Mauritius, Swiss is a luxury travel plan. I won't be surprised if going to mars is a common thing in the next 50 years. 

Coming to markets, we are just 150 points away from that 16000 marks. Let's see if that can be done for this week.  Banknifty is in an uptrend. So any dip in this can be used to enter. 

Reliance continue to fall. It started to fall after the AGM, but despite that nifty gained and all the gain was from banks.

On Friday, we had a mild fall and the fall was bought immediately and markets continued their rally. India vix is below 14 now. The premiums are very low but the volatility is at the peak. :)

Now there is some tension in Syria as the US bombed some Iran militants. 

There was a bomb blast in Jammu airport. No casualty was reported. 

The Delta variant is getting attention and they are spreading faster. WHO suggests people who are vaccinated also wear masks. Many global cities are in lockdown. 

 China came out with industrial data and it was slow in the month of May.

Now E-commerce companies are being targeted by the govt.


  1. I will be executing the trade-in banknifty which I suggested in the youtube video. The link to that video is here
  2. I had taken some put back spread last week. Now they are at loss. I had taken them for the monthly expiry. Let's see, I have a lot of time. Adjustments will begin only after 16k is crossed. The volumes are very low, so I need not worry. Even in the worst case, I will lose only around 25k.
  3. The short strangle which I have taken in nifty in my Zerodha account is in profit for now.
  1. FII sold for 600+cr and DII bought for 1832cr
  2. FII activity is confusing. One day they buy heavily and then they suddenly sell the next day. 
  1. Crude is trading at $76+. It's inching to $80 which can have an impact on our macros
  2. $ is at Rs 75