Trade setup for 30th June

 Yesterday I did a video in support of PR Sundar and that has been the highest viewed video of mine. I never expected such a response as my videos don't cross more than 500 on average. 

Coming to markets, we are consolidating for some time now. Now it will be interesting to see if we can move higher and break that 16k mark. The banks seem to be the weak part here. 

Now more companies are getting permission to sell Covid vaccines in India. Now Cipla has got permission to bring the Moderna vaccine to India. So we can expect vaccination of the entire country at a faster rate. The delta may not take over and I believe that we will not have the 3rd wave like what all analysts are telling.

Nasdaq made another record close. 

Buffet and Charlie Munger are friends for 6 decades which itself gives goosebumps. 

Today China is coming with its economic data. So there is an expectation that this is going to be good and the Asian markets are higher. 

The India vix is now at 13. This was the vix before covid. I don't think vix will fall drastically from here.

The inflation fear which we had is slowly reducing. So if this fear is totally out of the system then one can expect markets to move higher gradually.


  1. Yesterday I did not do any trades as markets did not make any major movement. I have already deployed most of my capital. 
  2. I am planning to sell some puts of some stocks and planning to take delivery if they come below. I am planning to do that in reliance, dr reddy, adanient for now. Will add more in some days when these positions go to a sweet spot.
  3.  I will be doing intraday trades using the little leverage what we get today. I will be selling 15900ce at the opening today. Will carry for tomorrow if things go wrong as I have pe with me.
  1. The world markets are flat. Nothing important to discuss here. Nasdaq made a record close yesterday.
  2. Today the Asian markets are almost flat to positive. SGX is suggesting a 30point gapup
  1. Crude is at $75. 
  2. $ is at Rs 74.2
  1. FII bought for 116cr and DII bought for 1800+cr