Trade setup for 14th July

 Let me tell you that this is one of the most difficult markets to trade. You can see that the 15800 which is an ATM straddle is 105 but SGX is already showing a gap down of 50 points. The direction of the markets ar also not certain. One day it goes to 15900 and then it falls to 15600. It's just playing ping pong. One day the markets behave as if the delta variant will now be a big concern and the next day it will behave as if the virus did not exist. The FII is selling continuously. They have sold for 3rd straight day and have bought it yesterday.

Now that the earnings season has begun. It will be interesting to see if this earnings season will provide the right triggers to the market to go higher or go lower. Today we have the Infy results.

The banks are the one which was not performing. Yesterday they came out strong and took the lead. They have not even tested its high yet. Most of the world indices are at their high. There is a lot of room for the banks to rally. So it's better to go long in the banks when there is a dip.

Very soon we will be having a huge number of IPO's. We will have zomato, paytm, LIC. The cabinet clears LIC disinvestment. Even MobiKwik has applied for an IPO. It looks like this decade will belong to the internet giants.

Adani's are in control of the Mumbai airport. 

The US inflation was higher than expected. So we need to see if this will take over the market and take markets down or not.

TCS numbers were not good, mindtree numbers were good. Will infy be good or bad?

Today is Wednesday. So you can expect some 


  1. I had to do some adjustments to my trades as I did not expect the markets to go higher. 
  2. I will be doing an infy trade today as we have only 10 days after that. Wil do adjustment after any violent move.
    1. -1 X 1540ce
    2. -1 X 1540pe
  1. The US markets closed in red snapping its 3 day wining. Maybe inflation is taking the main trigger for the markets to go lower. Its highest in many years.
  2. The US banks came out with wonderful earnings. JP morgan came out with the good numbers.
  3. Europe was flat.
  4. Today the Asian market are in red. SGX is suggesting a 50 point gap.
  1. FII bought for 100+cr and DII bought for 300+cr
  2. The FNO data shows that the institutions are very bullish. We need to see if today's gapdown will change their mind.
  1. Crude is at $76.3
  2. $ is at Rs 75