Trade setup for 19th July

 Now, this is the problem in a low vix environment. I was expecting markets to fall all these days and the markets went up. Now I added adjustments to my trades and now the markets are falling. Missed by a whisker. I added adjustment on Friday 2nd half and now the markets are collapsing. The fall in the bull markets is usually going to be sharp. 

As expected, the 15900 mark was not broken and it has proved to be a trap for those who thought it was a breakout. 

Now the inflation worries are back. We need to see if today's dip will be bought or will the correction will be sharp?

Reliance is set to acquire justdial. So these 2 companies will be in focus. JD has shot up more than 45% in 2 months. 

HDFC bank came out with its results and it looks like it did not meet the street expectations so it might be in red and obviously banknifty will be in the red.

The OPEC has decided to restore the production of crude. So the oil prices fell and this is good for India. So all the analysts who believed that $80 would be touched on crude were wrong. So now it may not even go back to $75.

The US markets closed in the red. Dow lost 300 points. Nasdaq closed by losing 0.8% 

The covid fears are back as the UK is reporting more numbers. In India, the lockdowns are opening and many states have eased restrictions. We need to see how the cases will rise or fall in the coming days.

I would like to use this correction to buy some quality stocks. I will buy in phases. 


  1. In my Zerodha account, I had sold 2 lots of 15700pe. Now that is in danger and I will doing some aggressive adjustments. It looks like I will be ending this trade in the red.
  2. I did some adjustment on Friday when markets rallied as I was scared to carry the position over the weekend. The FII data and HDFC results gave confirmation that we will open in the red on Monday.
  3. The CE which I have sold in IT companies like Wipro, Mindtree will be in wonderful green.
  4. I have sold PE of IGL, Reliance, ITC. I will take delivery if they become ITM.
  1. The US markets ended in the red. The futures are also in the red. The inflation fears are now taking over. 
  2. Europe was also in the red on Friday but not by much.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are opening in red and most of them have lost more than a percent.
  4. SGX is suggesting a cut of 200 points.
  1. FII have sold for 466cr and DII bought for 666cr
CRUDE and $
  1. Now we need not track this very closely as OPEC will be producing more. Now Crude is at $72