Trade setup for 17th August

Now countries are taking stances on the afghan issue. China has embraced the Taliban. All were blaming the US for withdrawing forces. Yesterday, Biden in a meet yesterday told that the US was not responsible. The US markets which were down in the morning shot up and closed in the green after this. S&P doubled from its pandemic low.

The situation in Afghanistan is bad. Some videos where people fell from planes were disturbing.

Coming to our markets, it was reliance which took the markets yesterday. Aramco is planning to buy a stake in its O2C biz. Now it is close to 2200. Lets see if this will be taken out today.

Nifty has closed in the green for 6 consecutive days. I have seen 9 consecutive days before. Let's see if that can be broken this time. Tomo is the expiry as Thursday is a holiday.

The metal rally continues. Tata steel, jsw steel shot up close to 2-3%. I am planning to take a trade-in tata steel today. I will be doing a live trade in this today. Lets see how it works.

Bajajfinance shot more than 3% in yesterday's trade. 

Usually in a geopolitical situation, the crude rises. Surprisingly, crude is falling even when we have this Afghan crisis. Thats how markets is. Obvious is never the obvious this time.

Crude is falling as sentiment is impacted due to the weak China data.

The cabinet is planning for a cryptocurrency bill. Not sure what is in store for this. Its good that India is embracing crypto at least now.

Yesterday Devyani opened with a 37% gain. I have not sold any of my allotments. I will just throw them in the Demat account.

The bull run is so strong that every news is taken positively. 

The best part is the banks are consolidating and the next leg will be lead by the banks. 


  1. I had sold 16600ce in my zerodha. I had to convert that to short straddle as nifty shot. I thought the Afghan would trigger shorting.
  2. Today I will be executing a call ratio spread in tata steel if the premiums are good. I will do a video on that as well. Again it depends on the premiums and how tata steel opens also. 
  3. I will be selling some deep OTM ce agressively if markets moves to green in the 2nd half as this will be the 7th day in green.
  4. I will sell in futures if nifty gains more than 100 points which is unlikely.
  1. The US markets are making new highs everyday. So obviously even our markets are doing that.
  2. Europe snapped its 10 day winning streak and closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX was in green in the morning and is now flat. 
  1. The institution volume was lower yesterday. This may be due to bank holiday also.
  2. FII sold for 1000+cr and DII bought for 500+cr
  1. Crude is below $70