Trade setup for 30th August

 2 more days for the margins to go. So enjoy all kinds of margin trading for the next 2 days till you find another way to get it. 

So the most awaited Jhonson hole is over and the fed chief told that tapering will probably begin at the year-end and the rate change may happen anytime.

The dow liked it and shot 200 points on Friday. Now, this event has become a non-event.

It's a good beginning to the new series as we are opening in green for 2 consecutive days. Today I will be watching the FII data. There might be a slowdown if FII continues to sell today also. 

Kabul chaos continues and the US had bombed a suspected ISIS site.

There is a hurricane in Mexico and some of the oil production has stopped. So the Crude shot up more than 10% over the weekend.

India has administered 1cr vaccination in a day which is a remarkable achievement. But the covid new cases are rising in India especially in Kerala.


  1. I executed the below trade because I am expecting the September series to end in the red.
    1. +2 X 16600pe
    2. -1 X 16700pe
  2. On Friday, there was hardly any decay in the premium. So I carried my intraday trades to today. I am expecting a good decay today and I may close them in good profit. I am carrying the below trade

  1. The US markets closed in the green
  2. Europe also closed in the green.
  3. Today the Asian markets are slightly in the red. SGX is suggesting a 80point gap up.
  1. FII have again sold. They have sold for 700+cr and DII bought for 1600+ cr.
  2. Not sure if FII will enter and take the markets higher or will the selling continue and will markets fall. 
  1. crude is at $73