Trade setup for 15th September

First of all, sorry for not being able to write the blog for the last 2 days as I was busy at the festival. I was also not able to do the video on the "stock market week ahead" program. 

Coming to markets, now the markets are showing some weakness globally. The US markets are falling. Nasdaq is in red for more than 5 days consecutively now. But we made another record yesterday. Indian markets cannot go higher with the US markets falling. So the risk-reward is not in the favour of the bulls at the moment. 17000is strong support. If that is broken then I will be adding shorts aggressively. I will gradually start adding shorts if 17200-17150 is broken. 

Yesterday the stock of the day was zee entertainment. It shot up 40% as there was a rejig in the board. The markets loved it and it just shot up. A lucky trader who had overnight CE would have minted money. Let it shoot for some more days then I will have a strategy on this. Rakesh jhunjhunwala picked up 1% in this.

Another news was Zomato's founder has left the company. He would have made good money after IPO and now it's time for him to move on. It will be interesting to see how the stock will move in the coming days. 

The cabinet is planning for a relief package for the telecom sector. So obviously the Vodafone was also in green. I will be adding more to my kitty if it crossed 10rs. People are comparing Vodafone with the kingfisher airlines story. I don't think it is the same because aviation never made a profit but telecom has always been in profit. Govt may not be comfortable with a duopoly in such a sector. So I feel that there will be some middle ground where Vodafone will be allowed to operate in India. Again, it's a lottery trade. So invest the amount which you can afford to lose completely.  

Cabinet will clear the PLI scheme for auto sector. This will be for green auto makers mostly. SIAM has asked to include even CNG automakers as well. Lets see if the cabinet will consider that.

Yesterday the Apple iPhone 13, iPad, watches were released and the cost of that is close to 1.8lak in India which has 1TB memory. Apple stock was in red yesterday. 

The reliance launch of the new phone is delayed due to the chip shortage. It looks like they may release it for Diwali. 

An 18-year-old Emma Raducanu has won the US open which has stunned the world. 


  1. Most of the trades which I had taken in the monthly expiry is in profit. The reason why I took monthly trades this month was that I knew that I will not be able to dedicate time due to the festival. After deploying these trades, I have hardly looked at them. My involvement was very very less and returns are pretty decent. 
  2. There are only 3 strikes in zee limited as it shot up. I may execute a call ratio spread today if more strikes are opened. Also, I will sell some 230PEand will take delivery if that is broken on the lower side.
  3. In weekly expiry, I had sold 17450ce which is in a mild loss. Today if the market is in green then I may have to do some adjustments.
  1. The US markets closed in the red. Dow lost around 300 points. The Nasdaq lost around 70 points.
  2. European markets closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are also in the red. Nikkie and hangseng has lost 300 points. SGX is showing a flat opening. China retail sales came out and it is at 2% where the expected was 7%. So China can also be under pressure. 
  4. The US futures are also in the red. 
  1. FII have bought for 1650cr and DII sold for 310cr.
  1. Crude is at $74
  2. $ is at Rs 73.6