Trade setup for 20th September

 As expected now the markets are looking to fall after a drastic rally. Now we need to see if this fall is the correction or the trend reversal. I think it is just a small profit booking till 17k is broken. I will not short aggressively in the market till 17k is broken convincingly. 

On Friday, markets shot up in the first half and then fell in the second half as there was profit booking for the rally which we had in the week. Seeing SGX it looks like we may even fall further. 

The Chinese company Evergrande debt issue is rising and today it had fallen 10% in the Hongkong market and hangseng has fallen 2%. The fall of Evergrand may have a compounding impact on the real estate sector. Not sure how deep that is in china because whatever happens in China stays in China. Not easy to crack China as it is a communist country. 

Now all eyes on the FOMC meet on sept 21-22.

There is some dispute which is happening between dishtv and yes bank. There are rumours that 2500cr odd cr is duped by the dishtv directors. So be careful if you are trading in these.

The IPL resumes yesterday and now the viewership, ad revenue is set to rise. So the beneficiary companies will be in focus. 

The seating capacity of the airlines is raised. For few days the aviation stocks are rising. But I prefer to stay away from aviation because it is loss-making biz throughout history. 

Today many Asian markets are closed due to holidays.


  1. From 15k, I started selling my portfolio one by one. At 16k, I sold more. Now I am planning to sell all remaining portfolios and will buy if there is a fall. I think today is the day for me to sell all my portfolio and sit with cash and sell deep OTM pe and take delivery if it comes there.
  2. Today most of my weekly, monthly strategies will be in profit if markets fall as SGX is suggesting.
  3. Today I will be coming out with a video on how to trade this market with probabilities on our side. So do watch out.
  1. China, Japan are closed today.
  2. The US markets fell on Friday and today the futures are also in the red. 
  3. Today the SGX is suggesting a 150 point gap down.
  1. Fii bought for 1500+cr and DII sold for 1400+cr
  1. Crude is at $75
  2. $ is at Rs 73.75