Trade setup for 27th September

 Now everything is opening up. Theatres, places of worship, markets are all getting normal. Pfizer CEO feels that things will be normal in less than a year. The markets are already reflecting that. 

On Friday, we did rally 100+ points and closed with a minor gain. It was expected as usually on Friday, there will be profit booking which will happen. So today the rally would resume. Let's see. 

We are in the last week of the monthly expiry. For now, most of my trades are in the green. Usually, if there is a higher movement in the first 3 weeks of the month then the last month will be slightly volatile and correction may not happen. I won't be surprised if 18k is taken out in this expiry itself. We are just 150 points away. 

The sectors which have become favourites are IT and Reality. 

China has told that anything done with cryptos is illegal. So we saw the cryptos fall over the weekend. But the fall was not drastic. There is still a tug of war in the adoption of cryptos. Let's see whether cryptos will be able to make it or not.

Again the zee is in focus as an investor wants EGM and this deal is not yet done. By chance if the deal fails which is unlikely then you can expect it to fall at the same pace. It's better to stay away from these kind of news-driven stocks.


  1. I am shifting the PE of stocks which I had sold as they are in good profit. I will be closing them and will be taking trades next month.
  2. For the month of October, I will be initiating the trades today. I will be taking the below trades
    1. +1 X 18000ce
    2. -10 X 18700ce
    3. +9 X 19200ce
    4. +1 X 17500pe
    5. -10 X 17000pe
    6. +9 X 16500pe
  3. I will be executing the below strategy as well
    1. +1 X 8000ce
    2. -4 X 8500ce in bajajfinance
  1. The US markets were flat on Friday.
  2. Europe closed in the red
  3. Today the Asian markets are in green and SGX is suggesting a 100 point gap
  1. Crude is at $80. There was a sharp surge in the crude due to supply pressure in the US due to hurricane.
  2. $ is at Rs74.5 
  1. FII bought for 400+cr and DII sold for 500+cr