Trade setup for 4th October

 Again the Evergrand issue is back. It has been suspended from trading in the Hong Kong markets as fresh debt emerges. Today morning the Hong Kong markets were flat at open. Once this news was declared, it is down by more than 2%. Even the dow futures which were in green is now in the red. 

Usually, Oct and Nov series are green series as we have festivals and the consumer behaviour is positive. Will this year be something different due to global cues??

It looks like Air India will be Tata's entity. But nothing is officially announced.

There seems to be some tension at the Indo China border. Keep an eye on that as any escalation may have an impact on markets.

Shah ruk khan son is arrested by NCB for consumption of drugs in a cruise ship. This is very big news :)
Any channel is showing this only from yesterday.

Now many companies are offering full-time work from home to their employees. It will be interesting how urban real estate will be impacted if this continues. 

The next event which will be important is the RBI policy. 

Now many analysts believe that the inflation issue is a bigger problem than the FED is anticipating. 


  1. I have executed a huge quantity of put back spread. I will be coming out with a video today regarding that with complete adjustment techniques.
  2. I have sold PE of many companies. I am willing to take delivery of them if my OTM becomes ITM.
  3. IT sector is weak. So I have executed a trade in mindtree. I did share that trade in my social media sites as well. 
    1. +1 X 4500ce
    2. -1 X 4600ce
    3. -1 X 4700ce
    4. -1 X 4800ce
  1. Everything looked good on Friday after US bounced back. Dow gained close to 500 points. But today morning the Evergrand issue is back and sentiment is bad again.
  2. Hongkong and japan is done more than 2%
  3. SGX which was 88 point higher is now flat. 
  1. FII bought for 100+cr and DII sold dor 600+cr
  1. Crude is at $79
  2. $ is at Rs 74