Expiry Trade setup for 18th November

 Today is the listing of the biggest IPO which is Paytm. In the grey market, the prices have fallen. Let's see what will happen today after it opens. This IPO is OFS, high valuations, company is in the loss. The media channels were not highlighting this before the IPO. Now they are telling this more and more. It's the retailers who are trapped. That's why the IPO markets are not my favourites. If things go wrong then you will end losing more than 50% of your capital and you will have no other option other than watching. In short, "DO NOT APPLY FOR AN IPO WHICH IS VERY HUGE".

Today the markets may not end in the red as there might be some short-covering rally as this IPO is the biggest IPO and the world markets are keenly watching this. So the opening may not be very bad and at the same time, it will not be a bumper listing like Nykaa or Zomato as well. 

Yesterday was another weak session for the markets. We are at the same point where we began the week. Now if 50 DMA is broken then we can go down to 17k. Let's see if that will be protected or not. I am expecting that to be broken and nifty to go down by Dec.

Now it seems that reality is kicking in and markets are factoring in all of them. The crude is falling and the macro data of some of the countries are not overwhelming. 

ICICI bank is now at the same point where it was before its results. So the entire 11% rally after the results has been given back.

Yesterday was the day of autos. All auto stocks are in their mojo as the semiconductor chip shortage issue has been resolved.

Vedanta will be in focus for some time as they are planning to emerge their entities. Not sure what is being done there. First, they merge, then they try to delist but delisting fails. So now they are demerging and I won't be surprised if they delist individual entities. Divide and rule concept. As I know, Anil Agarwal is a crook in doing all these. But the company is good and the dividend yield is also good. So better be invested for the long term. 

Putin is planning to invade Ukraine. So there are some fears there as well.

Again there are some covid fears in the world. It looks like the cases are rising again in Germany and other European countries. 


  1. My weekly trades are in slight danger as I did not expect 18k to be broken. But that's fine as the volumes are low and I can do a lot of adjustments today. 
  2. Today is expiry and if I can manage it for today then it should be over.
  3. My ICICI trade is sitting with a profit of more than 25%. If I remember, this is the highest profit which I have made in a single trade. I am now lured to do these kinds of trades in the future as well. I want to do a lot of research before I do that as this might be a lucky trade. 
  4. My monthly trades are in wonderful profit. 
  5. I will buy Paytm today in case it falls more than 50%. Again in case, because I am not expecting that to happen as well. Just hoping and keeping the guns ready.
  1. The US markets closed in the red. Dow fell 200+ points and nasdaq lost more than 50 points.
  2. Europe was also in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are weak. Hongkong and Japan are down more than 1%.
  4. SGX is suggesting a flat opening.
  1. Crude fell 3% overnight on demand worries. Now it is below $80
  2. $ is at Rs 74.2
  1. Again the selling began. Yesterday they sold for 344cr and DII sold for 61cr