Trade setup for 10th November

First I want to congratulate all the Padma awardee winners. 

 Finally, the US markets fell. It was led by Tesla which fell close to 12% as there was a fear that Elon musk would sell his stake. US markets rallied continuously for a very long time. It was expected that a fall would come soon. 

After Trump, it is Elon musk who has taken his place. With 1 tweet, he has the ability to make the markets dance like puppets

Yesterday you can say that the markets were not that volatile because nifty was in the range of + or - 70 after opening. Yes, even 70 points is high but nowadays 200+ is considered a volatile session. 

Today you have nykaa debuting. Let's see if it opens with a premium or not. I will apply for Paytm and saffire foods today if there is a premium in nykaa. I did apply for nykaa but did not get an allotment. So I assume that it will open in green.  Initially, I thought I will apply for paytm and saffire food but then I decided to see nykaa opening and then apply.

Vodafone is in talks with banks for a loan. As I told you, if it survives this time then there is much more potential in this. Every time there is a rally, I invest more to this. Once it comes to a stable state, I am sure the global vodafone company will invest, there will be fresh fund raising and also at that time the share price also will be higher. 

GE to break its company into 3 parts. So its stock was in focus yesterday in the US and they rallied.


  1. Today I will be in wonderful profit as markets are poised to fall more than 100 points.
  2. The call ratio spread which I took some time back was in minor loss. Today it will be in green.
  3. As I told you, 18300 should be broken on the higher side for the markets to continue their rally. Till then any rise in the markets can be used for selling which is what I will be doing.
  4. For the weekly expiry, I have a lot of strangles which is in a good place for now.
  1. The US markets closed in the red after many days of green. Tesla did not fall heavily day before yesterday. But yesterday, it fell drastically. Not sure if Elon musk sold his stake or not.
  2.  Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the red and SGX is suggesting a 120 point gap down
  1. FII selling is not coming to an end. Yesterday they sold for more than 2000cr and DII bought for 1400+cr
  1. Crude shot up and is $85
  2. $ is at Rs 74