Trade setup for 30th November

 Today is the last trading day of the month. It looks like we will be ending the month in the red after a long time. Usually, November month is a green month and December month is a red month. This time November is red. We need to see if Dec will be red or green. 

Yesterday markets gapped down and bounced back 350 points from the low. In the second half, it did fall 100 points. This is how volatile the markets were.

The low of yesterday was the 10% fall from the high. Is this correction and will markets bounce back and continue its uprally?? I don't think so. Dont get carried away by that recovery. I will consider uptrend will continue if 17500 is taken out convincingly. Till then sell on rally for me.

Banknifty shot up 1000 points from its intraday low after gapping down.

RBI has now superseded the Reliance capital board after they defaulted payments and allegations of fraud.

As per new RBI norms, the LIC stake in Kotak bank can be increased. Obviously, LIC will do that. So there was a good recovery in the Kotak bank which also led the nifty and bank nifty higher. Kotak bank shot from 1600 to 1900 when there was MSCI rebalancing. Now this news may take it higher provided the markets move higher. I will buy Kotak bank only when FII turn buyers because these are the stocks where they will be buying. Till then you just wait.

Today gofashion will be listed. Grey market premium shows that it will be traded higher. I know some people who applied for this but did not get it as it is subscribed 135 times. You don't get these kind of stocks but you will definitely get Paytm stocks :)

RJ backed star health insurance will begin its IPO. I will be applying for this but I am sure it will not be allotted and it will list higher.

Joe Biden told that there will not be lockdown for this winter. This gave some relief to the US markets and they closed in the green

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsay resigned and he will be replaced by Indian Parag who was the CTO before. It looks like now many tech companies are run by Indians which is good. 

Jack Dorsay says he wants to concentrate more on Bitcoin. Is he the satachi nakamoto??

Bitcoin will not be recognised as a currency says FM but did not comment on banning. So it looks like it will not be banned but it might be regulated. Not sure how. There has been a good recovery in the cryptos after it fell drastically few days back.

China factory activity for November was good and you can see that the Asian markets are higher.


  1. Yesterday, I did not do any trading. I was just watching the markets fall and recover. 
  2. In the morning, my trades were in a loss but by evening it was in profit. I had plans of doing adjustments if there was no recovery by EOD. But since there was recovery,  and adjustment trade was not needed. 
  3. I will be executing the below trade today in weekly 
    1.  -1 X 17200ce
    2. -1 X 16700pe
  1. The US closed in the green. Today the US futures are also in the green.
  2. Europe closed in the green. 
  3. Asina markets are mixed. SGX was up by 50 points but now it is down by 30 points.
  1. Crude is at $74
  2. $ is at Rs 75
  1. FII sold for 3300cr and DII bought for 4600+cr