The talk of the town is the new SEBI circular which has given heart attacks to algo traders. The SEBI is in looking for comments from the users. You can see that below

They want to regulate algos so that algos do not manipulate the markets. They want algos to be registered individually with SEBI which is definitely not practical. It's still not clear if it is for brokers or individual traders. Anyway, we have to wait for the final verdict. I feel SEBI is demotivating trading biz and they feel that they can control but people are moving away from the stock market to the crypto market where not much restrictions are there. First, they raised margins then limited the leverage from the broker. Now putting a control on algos. SEBI will not be able to control much on the crypto market as it is international. Frankly, even I am exploring these options.

Now all eyes are on the November inflation data. The US markets are keenly keeping an eye on this.

Evergrande has defaulted on the payment and this has changed the sentiment in the Asian markets. 

The IPO season is still not over yet. It looks like retail frenzy IPO will still be there. Mapmyindia, metro is seeing huge demand in the grey market. Star health may be considered a loser. But that is fine, a loser here and it is fine but you will get a sure shot allotment of the losers but you won't get the good once.

Nifty has crossed the 20DMA. Now will there be a 20 DMA halt or will it take support there? This week was a difficult week for me in weekly expires. I took huge short positions when it went below 17k but the bounce was very strong where I had to close in a mild red.

Banks have come strongly. Banknifty is still below 20DMA. Will the banks take the market higher from here? ICICI bank has shot up in the last few days. I don't think the low will be broken for this.


  1. I have sold huge PE now in stocks and index.
  2. icici trade
    1. icici 710 PE -10 lots
    2. icici 690pe +10 lots
  3. nifty monthly trade
    1. 17000 pe * -10lots
    2. 16500pe *+10lots
  1. The US markets were flat but the nasdaq lost more than a percent as the tech sell off continue.
  2. Today we will get the CPI data in the US for November. So all are brazing themselves for the record inflation.
  3. Taiwan lost another ally to China. If this continues then China dominance on Taiwan will increase.
  4. Europe also closed in the red
  5. Today the Asian markets are in the red due to evergrande which traders are fearing that it might even spread to other countries and other sector.
  6. SGX is flat to negative
  1. Crude is at $74
  2. $ is at rS 75.5
  1. Again the selling gets intensifies. Irrespective of the market movement, FII Are selling. But he selling has come down compared to last 10 days. 
  2. Yesterday they sold for 1500+cr and DII bought for only 700+cr