Trade setup for 6th December

 The US jobs data which came did not meet the expectations. The US non-farm employment data fell however the unemployed data fell. So that is a good piece of news.

Didi which announced that it will delist from US markets, fell 22% on Friday. It was expected. Now Didi is planning to enter Hong Kong.

This week we have the RBI policy and it is expected to be status quo. But still, RBI can surprise us. So don't assume things and take risky trades.

Now Omicron cases are slightly rising. Now many states are bringing back the restrictions which were implemented before. So the economy driven stocks, airlines, hospitality stocks are falling. 

Bitcoin is again under $50,000. Last week it fell around 20% and then recovered some. It's still having a strong resistance at $50k. 

Dont apply for the next set of IPO's. The IPO fewer seems to be over. Start health is a flop, Anand rathi will be a flop. Now all the company promoters want to take advantage of this bull run. You don't be fooled by falling for these companies. 

On Thursday expiry, I did not expect 17400 to be taken out. But nifty just closed at 17400. On Friday, it fell 200 points. Reliance, banks, IT, Asian paints fell on Friday and took the markets down. 

The stock which is roaring is Vodafone. What never kills you, just makes you stronger. Now they will borrow money for the 5g biz. The parent company told before that they will not invest in India's arm. If things improve, I am sure they will invest and then you cannot touch the stock. 

Crude is falling which is good for India.

All of the analysts are telling that the fall in the market is due to omicron. FII selling started way before the new variant broke out. I don't think it is due to this new variant. It's just the one who is taking the blame.

It looks like crypto are here to stay. There will not be any form of a ban that will be done. I will now begin my journey into crypto investing and trading.


  1. I will take aggressive short positions if 17k is taken out on the lower side which is what I am expecting.
  2. I have already invested 10% of my capital when nifty fell below 17k last time. My next batch of investment will come when it comes below 16500. For every 500 points fall, I will begin investing 10%
  3. This week I will implement the below trade
    1. +1 x 17000pe
    2. -3 x 16800pe
  1. On Friday, the US markets fell. Dow was flat but nasdaq crashed due to didi,omicron and bitcoin volatility.
  2. Europe closed negatively.
  3. Today the Asian markets opened negatively but there is some mild recovery in the Asian markets.
  4. SGX was in green but now it is almost flat.
  1. Crude is at $71. Now Saudi has hiked the price. Let's see if other opec follows that.
  2. $ is at Rs 74
  1. As usual, the selling continues. They are using all opportunity to sell in the markets.
  2. On Friday they sold for 3300+cr and DII bought for only1650cr