Trade setup for 01st feb - The budget day

 Today all global, news oil prices etc will be irrelevant because we are going to the budget. The market will dance to the tune of the FM. As she speaks, the relevant sector and stocks will dance. 

We are going to the budget with fewer expectations. So any small incentive will also take the markets higher. The SGX i already suggesting a massive gap up. So let's see what Nirmala sitaramam has to offer. 

Keep an eye on Real estate, insurance, EV's, green energy sectors as there will be some perks for them.


  1. Yesterday I posted a video where I showed how we can take a counter trade in ITC. If there is a huge gap up then I am planning to do that today at the opening.
  2. I have taken the trade which I suggested in another youtube video. I even posted the screenshots of the trad which I have taken. So by today evening, we will know if the trade works in our favour or not. But I will wait for few more days to do any kind of adjustment.
  1. The US markets are on fire again. After a small correction, the US markets have started to continue their rally. Dow shot up more than 400 points and Nasdaq again started its rally. It gained more than 3%.
  2. Europe closed in the green as well.
  3. Today morning the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a 150+ gap up. Lets see if this sustains.
  1. $ is at Rs 74.5
  2. Crude s at $89.5
  1. FII sold for 3600+cr and DII bought almost equally.