Trade setup for 10th March

 Ukraine president Zelensky told that he is not interested in NATO anymore. The whole chaos was caused because of this. He probably did not expect this reaction from Russia and had full hopes on NATO nations. This is why one should have experience in administration. Running a country is not a joke. If he had taken this decision before, probably this damage would not have been caused. He just made a fool of himself and Putin just proved that he is not someone whom you mess with.

Crude oil prices fell more than 12% as the war situation may ease now. The US markets rallied and had the best day from June. So from now, you can expect the war situation to ease provided the US does not escalate it by imposing more sanctions.

Russia has decided to nationalize the assets of foreign companies that are planning to quit Russia. 

Now slowly, many countries like Germany are taking the side of Russia as they are heavily dependent on oil and gas from Russia. So it looks like Russia has won this war.

DAX shot up almost 8% yesterday as the war escalations were reduced. 

Today is an important day for us as we have elections results. So be careful while trading today as today is also expiry and we have the US fed meet as well.

Today there will be a massive short-covering in the banknifty. 


  1. Will be doing small trades today as it will be volatile today as and when the election results swing throughout the day.
  2. Seeing the things, it looks like 16k is strong support for the markets and one can initiate bullish trades tomorrow
  3. I had sold PE of many companies with the hope of taking delivery. Unfortunately, nothing came down and it looks like the entire premium is mine. Since I was ready for delivery, I sold where premiums were very good. I am happy anyways.
  1. The US markets rallied and closed in a massive green territory.
  2. Dow gained more than 600 points and Nasdaq gained more than 3.5%
  3. Amazon stock will be spilt to 20:1 
  4. Europe also gained and closed in dark green.
  5. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a 300 point gap.
  1. Crude fell almost 20% from the high of $132. Now it is around $110
  2. $ is at Rs 76.5. It fell close to 34 paise yesterday.
  1. I expected them to sell less yesterday but that was not the case.
  2. They gave sold for 4000+cr again. DII bought for 3500+cr