Trade setup for 15th March

 Now Russia and Ukraine are on the table and it looks like the war is going to end very soon which is good news.

We have rallied for 5 days continuously. Lets see if we will continue that today.

The Asian markets are in deep red today. Hongkong has fallen more than 3% yesterday. Now the covid has again taken a front seat. Some of the provinces of China are locked down. The Chinese tech stocks are down due to this fear.

Now all eyes are on the US fed. It's obvious that they are going to raise the interest rates but how much is the question? 

Paytm is accused of selling data to Chinese companies and because of this RBI has asked them not to onboard more customers. The stock fell drastically yesterday. It is now down by 60% from its IPO price.

Zomato is almost near its IPO price. So people who were feeling bad that they did not get an allotment can now enter if they are comfortable :) They are pumping money to blinkit(grofers) and the losses are expanding. 10 min delivery has impacted them a lot. Not sure what they are planning to achieve and not sure how the investors are backing them.  

Jubilant food CEO resigned and the stock tumbled.

Netflix is down by 50% from its highs. 

The CPI inflation data which came was high. Maybe that is the reason why crude prices were not hiked by the govt. For now, the oil marketing companies are taking the heat. But the international crude is also falling. The hike may not come if the fall continues. To be on the safer side, better fill your vehicles. You cannot trust the govt. They can do anything.

Yesterday banknifty shot up due to HDFC bank as RBI allowed them to issue cards.

Reliance is investing heavily on green energy. It is acquiring many battery companies. It acquired lithiumwerks.


  1. Crude falling has given me confidence that the markets may not fall drastically from here. I have taken huge positions in the below trade
    1. +1 X 16500pe
    2. -10 X 16200pe This is an aggressive trade. I wouldn't suggest anyone to take this.
  2. After seeing jubilant food, I sold some deep OTM PE to take delivery if it falls further.
  1. yesterday Dow shot up 400 points and gave up everything. Out sgx shot up 100+ points and is now -100 points.
  2. Nasdaq is the worst-performing index. It fell 2%
  3. Today the HKG market is down by 2%
  1. It was obvious. Any improvement in the war situation can bring down gold and oil. Now Crude is at $100
  1. FII sold for only 178cr. I think we are seeing this low figures after a long time. So does this mean that they will start buying now??
  2. DII bought for 1000+cr