Trade setup for 29th March

 It's all mixed cues now. Now the global markets are in a confused state. On one end the Russia-Ukraine talks will be there today and it looks like there will be a ceasefire. This is the good part. On the other side, China has imposed a new lockdown in Shanghai with covid fears. Now crude is crashing due to demand worries from China as China is a major importer. There is a fear of an inversion yield curve where short-term yield is more than long-term yield. This is a sign of recession and bond markets believe that inflation is higher. But yesterday the US markets closed in the green. 

The 5year and 30year yield inversion has happened. The last time it happened was in 2006 and then we had the 2008 fall. Will that happen now??

Dow had fallen 200 points but it recovered and closed in the green. Thanks to Tesla. 

Now Tesla stock will be split. Tesla shot up 8%. The last time when they had split, it had shot up 28%. The meme stocks are again back. Yesterday AMC entertainment shot up 40+% in one session.

It looks like next financial year, the markets are going to b sideways as it has been very volatile for the last 2 years. But the markets are going to move all over the places.

Roman Abramovich who is close to Putin is suspected to be poisoned. He is not dead yet. 

Will Smith slapped the host at the Oscars when the host made fun of his wife. Later he won the best actor award and apologized for the act.

In India, the oil prices are being increased by 80 ps every day. 

PVR and Inox are most likely to be merged. They are waiting for CCI approval. 


  1. Today I am planning to sell some CE when there is a gap up as I believe that the gap may not be sustained. In banknifty I am planning to sell 36500ce
  2. In nifty I am planning to sell 17550ce
  3. For April, I am executing the below trades
    1. +1 X 36000ce
    2. -5 X 37000ce
  1. US markets opened in the red and closed in the green. Dow gained 100 points.
  2. Europe as well closed in the green.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is suggesting a gap up of 100 points.
  1. FII selling has reduced but not stopped. But the amount which they are selling has reduced drastically. Yesterday they sold for 800+cr and DII bought for 1160cr
  1. Crude fell 8% yesterday when China announced a fresh lockdown. Now it is at $110
  2. $ is at Rs 75.95