Trade setup for 3rd March

 Now there is no other news that is in focus other than Russia-Ukraine. Now, this issue is getting more and more serious as individual countries are now taking sides. Hungary which was an ally of Russia has now condemned what Russia has done. China has clearly told that they won't be a part of the sanctions which will be imposed on Russia. 

Cryptos are getting traction as Ukraine has told that they will accept donations in the form of cryptos as well.

The US is sending more of its troops to the European borders. Probably, the US did not think that Russia would go that far.

The US fed told that the rate hike may not be very high due to the new issues which the world is having. Powell told that the rate hike may be 25bps and may not be 50bps. The street liked it and the US markets shot almost 600 points yesterday.

All we're waiting for the dip to go long and here you have a dip. Let's see how many will go and buy this dip.

I will start buying in phases once if the index is below 16k. If it doesn't come then that's ok. I will be missing the rally.

There will be a second round of talks today. If that happens and things work then the short-covering rally will be very strong in the markets.

Russian bank Sberbank fell 95% in the London stock exchange as they are planning to leave Europe.

Tomo you have the jobs data in the US. 

Vedanta has given an interim dividend of 13rs. This is a golden egg-laying duck. I had invested in this a few years back and now it's almost free for me from the dividend itself. Just identify these kinds of dividend-yielding stocks and invest blindly into them and forget them.

Yesterday the FII favorite like HDFC twins, ICICI, Kotak all fell drastically. Hdfc has fallen more than 10% from its high.

Commodities are surging due to the geopolitical issue and commodity stocks are surging. Its not worth buying now as they will correct at the same rate if there is a ceasefire.

Roman Abromovich who owns Chelsea(football team) is planning to sell it due to the geopolitical issue.


  1. My positional trading volume is very low as the volatility is at its peak. I think even when vix was 75+ during covid times, the market did not make such a huge move. Nowadays 500 point moves happen in ease.
  2. I am trading using intraday strategies and for now, it is working fine. I am using the 9:20 straddle strategy to trade intraday. 
  3. Keep an eye on Crude and FII. I will buy aggressively in stock when FII turns buyers.
  1. Powell statement shot the US markets. Today the futures are in the red.
  2. Europe closed in the green.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is almost flat. Today being expiry, you never know what will happen. Last week in the monthly expiry day nifty fell 800 points.
  1. Crude is going higher and higher. It's now at $117. Go fill your vehicles with oil as after elections the prices are definitely going to rise.
  2. $ is at Rs 75.7
  1. Again FII sold for 4000+cr and DII bought for 3000+cr