Trade setup for 9th March

 Yesterday was a green day after a drastic fall for many days. But there was no energy in yesterday's rally. Nifty was almost struggling to go higher. But in the second half it did manage to go higher.

The US markets had a wonderful gap-up but that did not last. It closed in red. Dow shot up 500 points and closed in the red.

US and UK have decided not to buy Russian oil. So now the fear of inflation is getting real. It is interesting to see how the FED will react. So till then, I have decided to do only intraday trades. Now, I am somewhat liking intraday trades provided I make the same kind of profit. 😉😉😉

Many companies like coke cola, Macdonald's, Starbucks have decided to cut the Russian business. Now we need to see if these things will have an impact on Putin or not

Ukraine president Zelensky is blaming NATO for not giving him enough ammunition to fight Russia. 

The US claims that 4000 Russian soldiers have been killed. That is a huge number if that is true.

Crude is just waiting for a reason to go higher. Any slight comment from either side, it shoots up. I am surprised that fuel prices are not yet hiked in India. I am sure it will happen soon.

Nickel is now a hot cake. Yesterday it shot up another 45% after shooting 70% the day before yesterday. The war has created shortages and an increase in demand. Automakers will be in trouble if nickel rises like this.

Tomorrow is an important day as we have many things like election results, FED meet.

From a covid low of 8k, there has been a continuous rally to 18k. The 50% retracement is at almost 13- 14k. We may reach this if crude remains like this for a few months and if the war escalates. This is just theory. Now markets are falling and all including me are giving lower targets. The best thing one can do is to enter in phases. I have invested 10% of my capital. Will invest 10% for every 500 point fall.

International airspace is opening this month. So the airline stocks will be in focus. They may rally today but they will eventually fall as crude is going higher and aviation is the most impacted sector.

IT is rallying due to $ rise. Now you can see that the metals which rallied are now correcting. Similarly, if this war ends and when $ falls, even IT will correct. So don't fall trap for these rallies.


  1. For tomorrow's expiry, I have sold some very deep OTM calls and puts. I will be in good profit today due to time decay. I may close some as I don't want to carry for tomorrow.
  2. I am now doing intraday trades where I am working on 9:20 straddle and yesterday it did give me a decent profit. I will continue to do that for some more time.
  1. Dow shot up 500 points and closed in red which shows how weak the markets are.
  2. Europe closed in the flat zone.
  3. SGX was well in the green from yesterday. Now even that is in the red.
  1. $ is at Rs 77
  2. Crude is at $130. It went up to $132.
  1. Another billion $ sold yesterday.
  2. FII sold for 8000cr and DII bought for only 6500cr. Will we soon see FII selling for 10000cr??