Trade setup for 11th April

 Now inflation has again taken a front seat. From today we will start the earning season. TCS will open the earning season today. This quarter is a weak quarter. So there is not much expectation from the companies. So any slight good results will also be taken positively.

So the HDFC rally on the merger news day was a huge trap for the bulls. Now the HDFC twins have given up everything.

Elon Musk is on the Twitter board and is already starting to command and give suggestions on new features on the platform. 

UK's Boris Jhonson went to Ukraine to meet Zelensky. Zelensky is pressing for an embargo on Russian oil. But that might not happen.

There is a food shortage in the world now. 30% of global wheat is from Ukraine and Russia. So that supply chain is down now.

China data came and the inflation numbers are higher than expected. So the Asian markets are down today.

Cryptos are falling. Bitcoin fell more than 3% yesterday.

ITC is on fire. It was meme stock when it was at 200. Now it has closed above 260 which was a resistance point. It will be interesting to see if there will be further rallying from here or will it go back to 200. The probability of it going towards 300 is very high.

Imran khan is removed as the Pak PM. 

Elon musk says that eventually, a human mind can be downloaded to a robot. No doubt he is a mad person and it's mad people who make discoveries and inventions.

Crude is now below $100 after many nations have committed to releasing it from their reserve.

Boosters doses are now available for all adults. 

China lockdown in cities like Shanghai is extended as the cases on new covid varient is increasing.


  1. I am planning to do an expiry trade in TCS. Today I will analyze the stock. Anyway, the results are aftermarket and the impact will be there tomorrow. I will update that in my social media accounts.
  2. I am doing intraday trades from today with a decent capital. I will be putting the MTM screenshot from today in the social media pages. I have been doing this from last 10 days with small capital and it looks promising.
  1. US closed in red.
  2. Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today Asian markets are in red and SGX is suggesting a 80 point gap down.
  1. Crude is now below $100 after many nations have committed to releasing it from their reserve.
  2. $ is close to Rs 76
  1. We had a good rally on Friday but the FII sold for 575cr and DII sold for 16cr