Trade setup for 22nd April


This is the google doodle which is really shocking. Winter is going and summer will be very bad.

Coming to markets, I thought that yesterday's follow-through was good and nifty had made a bottom. But it looks like "picture abhi baki he"

Today again 200 and 50 DMA will be taken out on opening as per SGX. So, nifty first fell below 200 and 50 dma. Then there was a strong demand and nifty defended that and went above that. But now there is again fresh selling which is taking it below 200 and 50 DMA. This clearly means that markets are weak. From now, any pullback should be shot. I won't be surprised if we fall another 1000 points from here in the May month.

The stock which is moving the markets is the Reliance. It is single-handedly supporting the markets from many days. Usually, when a stock moves too much before the results then it may not move after the results. If there is no correction in the Reliance before the results then I am going to take short position in this.

Today you have hcl tech results. I have taken a mild bullish trade. The downside I do not have any problems. Let's see what will happen on Monday as it will come aftermarkets. Monday you will have the impact of hcl, icici bank results. So Monday can be another volatile session.

A lot of EV's are catching fire. So wait for some more stability before you jump and buy an EV

FED is giving signs that there might be a 50bps hike in the rate. This caused some worries in the markets and the US markets fell. 

Netflix which fell 35% yesterday has fallen another 4%.

Elon musk has decided to acquire Twitter. He told that the bots will be removed if he takes over.


  1. Yesterday, I was not happy with the move in the markets. It was a pure gut feeling. So I went short overnight and today I will be rewarded. Planning to close this today as Monday can be dangerous.
  2. My monthly trades are in wonderful profit and today the profit may go up to 10%. The trades which I took in the may month is also in good profit. All these were shared in my previous blog.
  3. Today I will be selling some PE in some stocks like hdfc, hdfc bak, itc, icici, tatamot etc in order to take delivery.

  1. US markets which opened in the green closed in the red after Powell told that 50bps is on the cards. Today the US futures are in the red
  2. Nasdaq has been beaten left, right and center.
  3. Europe closed in the green.
  4. Today the Asian markets are in the red. SGX is down 200 points.
  1. On a day when nifty went up 200 points, fii have sold for 700cr. So you can imagine their view on the market. 
  2. DII bought around 2800+cr
  1. Crude is around $107 per barrel
  2. $ is at Rs 76