Trade setup for 26th April

 Now it's not just Twitter. It's Elon musk's Twitter. The board has approved the deal and Musk will be buying it for $44 billion. The board had no choice. Now Musk has told that he endorses free speech and has plans to open source the algo and remove spambots. Let's see what he does. Let's see if Donald Trump will be back? He says that he wont come back.  No doubt, Musk is a mad person, and disruptions are always caused by mad people.

Yesterday, it was a bad day for nifty but banknifty supported the market. Till now it was the reverse of what was happening. All due to Reliance. Yesterday when the future deal was off the table, the company shares fell and took nifty lower.

Again nifty is below 17k, but today it is higher. This market is getting volatile day by day and is getting difficult to decide the direction of the market. Now the vix is also shooting higher and it is obvious.

Yesterday ICICI bank was in the green for the entire day as it gave wonderful results.

Today you have bajfinance and hdfclife coming out with numbers. 

Finally, LIC IPO is out. It will start on May 4

The palm oil prices are rising as Indonesia has blocked some exports. This will have an impact on inflation. 

The EV's catching fire has become a serious concern. Now many companies are recalling the vehicles.

Yesterday, the US markets were very interesting. Dow fell close to 400 points and recovered everything. Not only us, even the US markets are confused to identify the direction.

This week we have a lot of companies in the US coming out with numbers. We have meta, apple, etc coming out with numbers. Twitter rallied and for obvious reason.


  1. I have bought 10 lots of banknifty futures yesterday for today. It's a naked trade. It looks like today will be a good day for that trade. Yesterday's last hour recovery gave me confidence that this rally may not stop. I will be exiting that today.
  2. Most of my capital is blocked in monthly and next month trades. Most of them are in good profit for today. Now, I simply sit and watch the market and react when needed.

  1. The US markets fell 400 points and recovered to end in the green.
  2. Europe closed in the red.
  3. Today the Asian markets are in the green. SGX is up 120 points.
  1. The same story continues. FII sold for 3300cr and DII bought for just 1800+cr
  1. Crude is falling as China has started mass testing. There are rumors that even Beijing can be locked down. It looks like the covid saga is not over yet.
  2. Crude is at $102
  3. $ is at Rs 76.5